Fox Led Light

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Weight: 0.5kg

Wattage: 0-5W

Voltage: 4.5V

Service life: 5000h

Process: Semi-manual and semi-mechanical

Power Source: AC

Power Generation: Switch

Power: 2.7W

Material: resin + environmental protection PVC + electronic components

Lumens: 2.93

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Lamp bead type: LED

Item Type: Night Lights

Is Smart Device: No

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Is Batteries Required: No

Is Batteries Included: No

Current: 0.6A

Color temperature: 2800

Certification: UL

Body Material: Resin

Battery Type: no

Adapter: American Standard Adapter

Cute fox night light:

Super cute little fox night light, mothers can buy foxes for children who like foxes and need a night light. With plug, it can be switched at any time. And the brightness is just right. When you wake up in the middle of the night, or go to bed, because the room is dark and a little scared, you can relax and enjoy the soothing lighting, which is really fun. If you are a fox lover, this is perfect for you.

Simulated animal design:

The fox itself is very cute and made of high-quality resin. The workmanship is meticulous, without any safety hazards, and the appearance is beautiful. Cute soft fox night light, you can grab it and try to hug it in the room. Thick enough but soft, it will not break when dropped. Whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom, it is a beautiful landscape.

Soft light:

The fox night light is a lovely soft light, bright but will not disturb you, allowing you to have a comfortable environment when you sleep at night. Creative LED lighting, shaping the aesthetics of lighting, whether day or night, can shine, accompany, and wait for you.

Good Sleeping Partner:

If you have trouble falling asleep because you are afraid of the dark, the Fox Night Light will be your best friend, letting you be close to you when he sleeps. The light is not particularly bright, but it is warm in the dark. High-quality fox night light, you can spend a pleasant time in a dark place. Of course, you can also give it as a gift to your good friends. I believe your good friends will like it. This is a good choice. This is a product you can trust and can better improve your quality of life.

The use of the fox night light:

The fox night light is a plug-in type, equipped with an American standard adapter, which can be switched on and off at any time after being plugged in. The fox night light consumes extremely low power, consuming less than one kilowatt-hour of electricity per night. The internal lighting elements are all high-quality, durable and have a very long service life. You choose it, it will accompany you every night, let the long night, let you no longer feel lonely.

Reminders: 1. The actual color may be slightly different due to light and other reasons. 2. Due to hand-made, the actual size that may appear may have a feeling of 1-3 cm, please understand. 3. If you have any questions about the product, you can contact us and we will provide you with some solutions. 4. The power adapter is American standard, other countries need converters.

Fox Led Light